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Keep Solenoid Series

Product Designation

Plunger DIA
TDS-K07A K Type, Plunger DIA 7mm.
TDS-KN12SB – KN Type, Plunger DIA 12mm.
Keep Solenoids have permanent magnet embedded on the magnetic circuit. Plunger is pulled by instantaneous current and the pull continues after the current is shut off. Plunger is released by instantaneous reverse current. Good for power saving.

TDS-K Type Solenoids
These solenoids of a special construction display the largest attraction force of all the keep solenoids of the same class.
TDS-KN Type Solenoids
These keep solenoids are designed with reducing a sound effect without sacrificing the characteristics of the k type solenoids.
TDS-KB Type Solenoids
These solenoids are free from the accidental pull - in of other keep solenoids (phenomenon of the plunger in the open position pulled and held by the fixed core under the influence of vibration or shock from outside). These keep solenoids are best suited to applications in movable or portable machinery or devices as well as where non - excitation pull force at a specific stroke should be nearly zero.
TDS-KW Type Solenoids
These solenoids can hold the plunger in both right and left positions. (Custom-made)

Pull, Hold and Release Mechanism

A. Pull
  At application of voltage, the plunger is pulled by the combined magnetomotive force of the built- in permanent magnet and the coil.
Magnetic circuit at PULL
B. Hold
  The plunger is held by the magnetomotive force of the built-in permanent magnet only.
Magnetic circuit at non-excitation (HOLD)
C. Release
  The plunger is released by the reverse magnetomotive force of the coil canceling the magnetomotive force of the built-in permanent magnet.
Magnetic circuit at RELEASE
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Basic Drive Circuit of Keep Solenoid

Fig.1 A resistance R is required when there is difference between action and return capacities. Fig.2 Double Coil Type with intermediate tap on Coil is available as requested.

Coil Types of Keep Solenoid

The keep solenoid comes either in a single coil type or double coil type.
A. Single Coil Type
  This type of solenoid performs pull and release with only one coil, so that the polarity of the coil must be reversed at switching between pull and release. When the pull force is given priority and the power exceeds the rated power, the releasing voltage must be lowered. Or if the rated voltage 10% is used, a resistance must be placed in series in the release circuit (This resistance will be specified in the test report on the pilot sample(s).)
Single Coil Connection Diagram
B. Double Coil Type
  This type of solenoid, having a pull coil and release coil, is simple in circuit design.
For the double coil type, please specify “plus common” or“ minus common” for its configuration.
Compared with the single coil type of the same capacity, the pull force of this type is a little smaller because of the smaller pull coil space designed to provide space for the release coil.
    Double Coil Connection Diagram
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A. Recommended applications
  The keep solenoid, which is a DC solenoid designed to hold the plunger without application of[voltage, is best suited for mechanisms where the plunger is to be pulled by one pulse of voltage[application, held for some time or long time without voltage application and released by another pulse.
  Pinch roller pressing and brake mechanism of video cassette, shut- off valve of gas and other fluids, magnetic lock and other applications requiring holding or locking.
B. Applications to be avoided
  The keep solenoid is not suited for mechanisms that do not require holding or that use the DC solenoid hundreds of cycles per minute under nearly continuous application of voltage.

Rated Voltage

Rated Power is set at power capacity that can assure ±10% of Rated Voltage.

Keep Solenoids

Product Code Outline Dimension Non-excitation holding force N(gf) Pull Force N(gf) Rating capacity (W) Download
(TDS-) W(*)×H×L(mm) 1(mm) 2(mm) 4(mm)
K04A 10.5×13×20 1.96(200) 0.98(100) 0.83(85) 0.25(25) 2.3
K04E 7.5(8.5)×11×20.5 1.96(200) 0.71(72) 0.67(68) 0.18(18) 2.8
K06B 13×15×25 7.85(800) 3.14(320) 2.75(280) 1.27(130) 5.3
K07A 14×16×30 7.85(800) 2.75(280) 2.26(230) 1.18(120) 4.8
K07B 16×20×41.8 7.35(750) 3.92(400) 2.94(300) 1.37(140) 2
K10SL 20×26×36.8 13.7(1400) 12.7(1300) 10.2(1040) 7.26(740) 12
K12E 27×30×53 36.3(3700) 20.1(2050) 16.2(1650) 12.1(1230) 10
K12SB 24×29×40 21.6(2200) 12.7(1300) 9.81(1000) 7.65(780) 8
KN04E 7.5(8.5)×11×22 1.86(190) 0.74(75) 0.64(65) 0.17(17) 2.8
KN06B 13×15×25 5.59(570) 2.35(240) 2.06(210) 0.98(100) 3.6
KN07A 14×16×30 5.88(600) 3.33(340) 2.35(240) 1.03(105) 4.8
KN10SL 20×26×36.8 13.7(1400) 10.2(1040) 8.34(850) 5.30(540) 8
KN12E 27×30×53 29.4(3000) 16.7(1700) 14.2(1450) 12.7(1300) 10
KN12SB 24×29×40 13.7(1400) 9.81(1000) 7.85(800) 5.69(580) 6
KB06B 13×15×25 3.92(400) 1.57(160) 1.18(120) 0.29(30) 1.8
KB12SB 25×29×40 9.81(1000) 7.65(780) 6.37(650) 4.12(420) 6
K07W 14×16×35 5.88(600) 2.26(230) 1.96(200) 1.81(185) 14.4
* Bobbin size.
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