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Solenoid Valve Series

Product Code
Product Code

Plunger DIA
TDS-V05B・・・・・・V-shaped, 5mm plunger DIA
TDS-V08A・・・・・・V-shaped, 8mm plunger DIA
Direct operated DC solenoid with valve buried or connected into the plunger.

1.Solenoid Valves
TDS Solenoid Valves are valves operated by solenoid plungers.
As well as off-the-shelf solenoid valves, TDS offers small and light weighted customized Solenoid Valves to meet special requirements.
Utilizing the DC solenoid characteristics including strokes and magnetic power, Solenoid Valves TDS-V series are made to suit various requirements (working pressure, orifice diameter, working voltage, wetting characteristic and others)

2.Solenoid Valve Structure
(1) TDS-V series Solenoid Valves are open frame or tubular DC solenoids with valves of elastic or other materials buried or attached into the plungers at the edge or the other side of the plungers and the valve bases are embedded within the solenoid bodies. Normally Open (NO) and Normally Closed (NC) solenoid valves are available to suit customer’s needs.
(2) The best suitable material and structure for the fluid to be used are selected for the valve and solenoid parts when designed to meet various requirements from our valued customers.

Fluid route examples when Solenoid Valves are energized or de-energized.

A. Normally Open Type
  When energized
When de-energized
B.Normally Close Type
  When de-energized (2-directional)
When energized (2- directional)
When de-energized (3 directional)
When energized (3-directional)

Solenoid Valves

Product Code Outline Dimension* Working pressure(KPa) Constant rating capacity (W) Download
(TDS-) W(*)×H×L(mm)
V05B 13×15×20 40 3
V05BL 10×12×20 40 3
V06A-2 16×20×25 98 4.2
V06A-3 16×20×25 98 4.2
V08A-2 20×26×35.9 20 6
V08A-3 20×26×35.9 20 6
* The external dimensions are based on Open Frame Solenoids.
Note: Fluid assumption used in this chart is air. Please consult TDS for the usage of other fluid.
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