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TDS provides the best solenoid solutions to meet your needs.

With the continued effort to achieve the best performance for our valued customer’s requirement, TDS has developed various kinds of solenoids and delivered them to the customers.
Here are some distinguishing examples.

TDS-P35 Characteristics
  Solenoid with the biggest dimension
  Dynamo engine control
  φ89×133,plunger DIA φ35
   40Ω DC70V 30mm 98N
Special coil winder for large electrical transformers is used to wind up this extra large coil for this super-sized solenoid.

TDS-02U Characteristics
  Solenoid with the smallest dimension
  Card lock for electric card readers
  12×6×7.6,plunger DIA φ2
  10Ω DC5V 2mm 0.12N
To meet the customer’s urgent requirement for card lock mechanism for the data reading in the limited installation area, TDS newly designed and launched this smallest solenoid within only 3 months.

TDS-02A Characteristics
  Solenoid with the thinnest profile
  Tray lock for CD and DVD disk equipment
  23.7×9.6×4.5, plunger DIA φ2.5
  3.5Ω DC4.5V 1.3mm 0.57N
The coil center was displaced slightly from the yoke center to keep enough space for installation screws within the limited thickness.

TDS-06UP Characteristics
  Solenoid for automatic assembly with cold headed plunger stopper
  Cam drive to switch the winding direction of a magnetic tape
  25×12.2×16,plunger DIA φ6
  24Ω DC9.6V 2mm 1.08N
The low cost solenoid without a cover insulation tape or lead wires achieved lower cost solution for recording and playing mechanism for music cassette tapes.
It was first time for TDS to make solenoid plunger stopper by cold heading and it took time for us to make a taper of the stopper flat.
To check the proper assembly of the plunger stopper, a hole was made on the yoke part because the plunger stopper assembly is not visible from outside.

TDS-04UP Characteristics
  Solenoid for automatic assembly with cold headed plunger and stopper.
  Cam drive to switch the winding direction of a magnetic tape.
  18.8×12×13, plunger DIA φ4
  24Ω DC9.6V 2.2mm 0.69N
To further lower the cost of a tape player, TDS designed even smaller solenoid with cold headed plunger.

TDS-HP03 Characteristics
  High speed and long life by a plunger guide pipe at the sliding part
  Impact for typing letters of an electric type writer
  φ20×36.5, plunger DIA φ6.5
  1.9Ω DC12V 6mm , Response speed: 63ms, Life:1 million times
The electric English typewriters were made in Japan and most of them were shipped to the foreign countries.

TDS-10X06UL Characteristics
  10 consecutive-solenoid
  For the paper sorter of a copy machine finisher
  50×203.5×25, plunger DIA φ6
  175Ω DC24V 4mm 1.18N
Originally 10 units of TDS-08A (open frame solenoid) were planned to be used, but to save the yoke and cover cost, TDS designed this unique U-shaped 10 consecutive-solenoid.
* Solenoid solutions introduced on this site were manufactured in the past and they are no longer available. For the same type of solenoids, initial investment may be required.

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