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Variety of Standard Solenoids

Note: the photos below are the partial examples of solenoids TDS manufactured. Some customized solenoids are included in the photos.

TDS offers standard solenoid series selected based on our sales history, the usage and specification requirements in our experience. TDS keeps inventory of the standard solenoids, therefore they can be delivered with short lead time orders to help customer’s development or research lead time minimization.

Please refer to Technical Information for information including DC Solenoid Characteristics, DC Solenoid Standard Specification and Remarks to select the best suitable and economical solenoid. Or please fill in the Product Inquiry form HERE and send it to TDS for us to select and offer the best suitable recommendation to meet the requirements. If you cannot find what you are looking for in the product list, then please send your inquiry from HERE. TDS can offer customization suggestions for such special requirements.

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TDS Product Categories

Open Frame Solenoids
The most standard DC Solenoid with partially open frame that can structure magnetic circuit.
TDS has variety of 37 Open Frame Solenoids in different sizes.
We also have molded solenoids with the coil totally covered by molded resin.
Silent Solenoids
The impact noise when Plunger is magnetized can be made smaller by adding elastic washer.
Silent Solenoid (TDS-S Series) is made without the fixed iron-core. Silent Solenoid plunger is moved by magnetomotive force caused by magnetic induction when the coil is energized.
Flapper Solenoids
Armature moves to Coil side when the Coil is magnetized. They are often used for cam releasing.
The armature can be shaped in various shapes to meet customer’s requirements.
Small Electromaginets
They are actuators for better magnetizing force, structured by fixed iron-core and movable iron-core.
Though the package size is small, large magnetizing gripping force can be achieved with small electricity.
It has small remaining magnetizing force.
It is best to be used for cameras, head phone stereos and portable devices.
Stamp Solenoids
It is a document transmission confirmation stamp unit fir facsimile developed by TDS Solenoid technology and printing technology from Shachihata.
Tubular Solenoids
By making York of Open Frame Solenoids into cylinder shape and wrap the coil with York completely for better dustproof, shock resistance and seismic adequacy.
As the package is long in length (in the plunger direction) for smaller package, Long stroke can be achieved and it is for heat divergence, magnetic leakage and isolation performance.
Keep Solenoids
Keep Solenoids are solenoids with embedded permanent magnet. By just flowing current for a moment, Plunger is magnetized and is to keep it magnetized. A pulse of reverse voltage releases the plunger. We have various types of keep solenoids for different purposes. KB type without solenoid's "pull phenomenon," KN type with a noise reduction feature, and KW type with plungers held at both right and left sides.
Solenoid Valves
Our diverse experience allows us to TDS to develop small Electromagnet valves with high performance.
Solenoid Valves can be used for various purposes including electronic thermometers, inkjet printers or gas equipments.

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